Minimalist Style II

I had mentioned before tha many people equate minimalism with "plain".
Boring and plain is not minimalist.
It's still just boring and plain.

minimalistFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

So what is a minimalist style?

Obvs it's still personal style, and I'm by no means a hard core minimalist, but here's a few guidelines.

Keep It Neutral
Your wardrobe should be mainly neutrals to ease mixing and matching. Black is the usual fall back, but consider the others: brown, white, grey, blush and navy.

Textures and Proportions
You don't have the option of adding interest by loud colors, layers or crazy accessories. So interest can be added by interesting textures and proportions. Think leather, fur, silk, and jersey. Volume, pleating and draping.

Pay Attention to Detail
Again, there isn't much to distract from the garment* so fit, tailoring, and fabric is EVERYTHING. Keep the material natural and luxe, and pay your friendly neighborhood tailor a visit so that your clothes fit like a glove.

Again, not necessarily part of the style, but keep your wardrobe spare. Too much layering is not necessary. Keep it simple, sleek and chic.

Here's two outfits that I would consider minimalist. (again, not a hard core minimalist over here).

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Of course, this is just my take and what I've been wanting to wear lately.

For example, what's stopping you from doing boho minimalism? (right outfit)

Or something so perfectly classic that it just doesn't need anything else? (left outfit)
Well, except for some perfectly mussed bedhead and a swipe of red lipstick perhaps.
Minimalism shouldn't be all that serious.

* side note: have you ever noticed that really, really crappy merchandise always has lots of prints and embellishments? It's to distract from poor craftmanship.

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