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I just realized after I dyed my hair that I'm slowly turning into my alter ego Sadie Blaze.

It seems that I'm slowly stepping into her imaginary shoes, by learning
To speak up at work.
To just say "No."
To sometimes even say "HELL no."
To streamline my life. I have a world to conquer. : )
To get people's numbers, and actually call them to meet up.
To feel more confident and sure.
To realize that yes, I'm worth it.
To realize that if I let loose once in a while, the world will not stop turning.
To try new things, go to new classes, to learn things "just because I always wanted to".
To travel.
To follow my gut.
To realize that mistakes are a good thing. It means I'm trying.
To say "consider it done" instead of "I'll try to".
To realize the past is called the past for a reason.

In general, I feel like I'm in a really good place right now.

I just feel like dying my hair (especially since it was so impulsive and right after I nailed a project at my internship) was subconciously a way of saying I've officially moved into the new me.
You know, in that "new look, same great taste" kinda way.

Anyway, onto the "new look" part. A few things that are on my shopping list right now for fall.

Some of these I'm going to be buying (hel-LO perfect slim slacks from Ann Taylor) others are just for inspiration.
However the one thing I can't even find in inspiration form is a leopard fur coat.
I'm still kicking myself for not picking up that Aqua fur coat last winter, but it seemed like too wacky an indulgence at the time. *sigh* hopefully we'll cross paths again.

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Black knee high boots will change your life - seriously. And I think I may be in love with Sadie Blaze - love her take charge attitude!! :)