What's Your Sign?

On a completely non-fashion note...

On a whim I got my fortune told last night.
I always walk by this lady who has her table set up in a doorway, and every night she asks me "Madame, will you have your fortune read tonight?"
And usually, since I'm in a hurry, I say no.
But I was strolling by tonight, and after a few months of this I feel like we almost have a relationship, so I got a quick palm reading.

What did I learn? Not much I don't already know.

I'm open hearted and loyal.
I love luxury and can be generous to a fault.
I have a quick temper but it blows over quickly.
I like to be in control and in charge.
I'm passionate but am also very, very vain.

As for my future

apparently I'm going to live to be almost a hundred (um... jesus christ).
I'm going to travel.
I'm going to be married by the time I'm 25 (also jesus christ)
I'm going to have two sets of twins, one set of girls and one set of boys.
I've already met my soul mate (and that, my friends, is a line straight from "how to play to your audience")

I told Blondie this and he thought it was hilarious, though he did ask if the twins were girls or boys "I hope they're boys, if they're girls they're going to run me straight into the ground at the age of 30"
I didn't have the heart to tell him what she said : )

I love fortune telling and astrology, more just as an amusing past time than anything serious.
 Is anyone else interested in this stuff or am I just a little whack? Has anyone else had their palm read?

Image thanks to Hagerstenguy

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