I'm having a small love affair with the obi belt at the moment.

It all started with a mannequin at the Loft where I work.
It wore a gorgeous draped jersey dress (one of my favorites from our summer line) but it had on a belt that it came with, that basically looked like a seat belt.
For some god awful reason a lot of the customers liked the belt because "it's stretchy" and "it's comfortable".
You know what else is stretchy and comfortable?
Those are also a no (unless they are by A. Wang, and then it's debatable). 
So a coworker of mine and I replaced the belt with a silk scarf, tying it obi-style.
Then the visual department switched it back out for the seat belt.
Next shift we switched it back.
And so it went until a bunch of customers came back looking for "That belt in the window" aka our scarf obi belt.
HA! Take THAT visual!

Or perhaps it started with a small collection of obi belts that have been sitting next to the processing table at Malia Mills.
Just simple cotton and silk with tapered ends, I've been playing around with them and love the looks that I can make with them.

Either way, I really, REALLY would like to add one to my wardrobe for fall/winter. Perhaps one of these? 

Or of course I suppose I could go the DIY route. How hard could sewing a strip of cloth be?

Image thanks to Style.com, Marc Jacobs Spring RTW 2009 

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