Hot damn.
I seem to have the best luck in the romance department.

So instead of doing the usual pop-culture get-over-him-and-binge-eat-ice-cream drill I went on a bit of a shopping binge when I got home and I feel much better now.

I know I've been very good of resisting impulses and not using shopping as therapy, but this I think was kind of an emergency, and the $200 I dropped on shopping is cheaper than replacing Mr. Smith's phone if I gave in to the urge of punting it off the balcony. Or into his face. Whichever.

So I wound up buying this Alice and Olivia crop top at a sample sale because I love it. It's sexy and makes me feel like I'm in the Matrix or something. 

But I'm really not sure how to wear it without it being skanky. Any thoughts?

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