Part of this shopping ban  (btw, I'm halfway to my savings goal, WOO!) was just to keep the clutter from coming in.

Unfortunately, after a bit of a rough day I fell off the bandwagon.
I realize I'm an emotional shopper, and usually I just curb the need by not having any cash on me or on my card. But I hadn't moved around my accounts yet, and I got sucked into window browsing, then trying stuff on.... you know how it goes.
Good news is that it's cute, and considering some of my past shopping binges (the bracelet was only $10) it wasn't too bad of a break.
However I'm even more determined to try and attempt a minimalist style, and have started selling a TON of stuff.

I definitely feel that people's attitudes are starting to shift towards simplifying, and here's the runway pictures to prove it:
And guess who else would be considered a minimalist?

Images of Prada, Calvin Klein, Bottega Veneta thanks to Style.com

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