So following through on my goal to SIMPLIFY (in capital letters of course). Here's the results of my purge:

That would be my entire wardrobe.
 The only things not pictured are a heavy wool winter peacoat, my red cocktail dress, a pair of riding boots and over the knee boots (those are tucked around the corner) and things like underwear, socks, plain tees ect.
The plastic bin underneath? Work out clothes and pjs.

So I've been living with this wardrobe for a few days now, and the psychological effects are *sigh* relief.

There are a few holes to fill, I wound up tossing most of my flats due to holes in the heels and toes, and I could use a few more pairs of underwear so I don't have to do laundry every week, but in general I feel much better.

Now I'm just trying to get rid of these guys. four bags down, two to go.

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