You know what I hate?
When practical things get in the way of fun things.
I would like to be buying pretty new dresses and sassy shoes, but instead I need things like underwear, bras, and socks.
I unfortunately was forced to go and drop about $200 at VS today on bras and underwear (socks come in 6 packs from Kmart as far as I'm concerned) because I was doing laundry every four days as I cycled through my four pairs of underwear without holes in them, and my one last good bra finally bit the dust.
I figure I'm probably saving money, not going to the laundromat every couple of days. However I just find it hard to get excited about something that no one else is going to see.
Meh, hoping that if I indulge in pretty lacey ones I'll get more excited about under garments.

ANYWAY (man, am I a rambler lately or what?) here's what's on my Etsy favorites page that I wish I was buying instead of panties.

Probably my two favorite things: lions and snakeskin. If we could just throw some leopard print in there I'd be a very happy girl.
This might be blasphemy to vintage lovers, but I'd probably hack this off to knee length and then twirl around and pretend to be a ballerina.
I'm not much of a tote girl. Usually I carry around just a wristlet or a clutch, and this one I think would be perfect to replace my old Calvin Klein one.
I love the new aviator jacket trend, but as always with trends I try to partake but a little more classically or just not with something blaringly obvious as trendy. This jacket has the same silloughette and fuzziness as an aviator jacket, but done in soft felted wool.
If I haven't declared my love loudly enough for a great, simple t-shirt dress, let me do it one more time. LOVE. (and I don't have a grey one yet! I think this one might be necessary).
Okay, imagine these with a t-shirt or the above t-shirt dress, and some cute wedges or booties. Better?
For those days when putting on jeans and a sweatshirt to drag yourself to class is about all you can manage.
These would make my neck look a mile long with my "chic messy updo" aka "I haven't washed my hair in four days and my boss told me I looked like a greasy homeless bum so I put it up with a pen to disguise my greasy roots".
Um... check out the back.
Enough said.

And awesomely enough most of these are custom-made to order, except for vintage of course. It doesn't get much better than that.

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Marta from With Love... said...

Great choices, I've never purchased anything from Etsy but I think I will give it a second look :)