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I started working with My Design Jewelry through the Alchemy feature on Etsy a month or so ago in order to create my skirt.
I loved the Alexander Wang pre-fall collection, but I didn't like the proportions because I felt like it would chop me up.
Also a lot of the maxi skirts on high street were either ridiculously expensive ($70 for a tube of jersey? Puh-lease) or weren't long enough to be highwaisted on a gal like me with a 34" inseam (see above proportion issue)

But after talking back and forth, a few sketches and pictures, I got my skirt for only $25 including shipping.
The awesome part? It fits like a dream, AND it's convertible.

You can fold down the waist band and voila, non-highwaisted.

Or just pull it up another foot and you have a black strapless dress.

This skirt and I are going to have some good times together this fall. I can feel it.

Note: Do not take pictures at sunset. Apparently the changing light makes my camera read me as yellow. Go figure.

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