Something Personal

Apparently I've managed to pick up a gentleman caller in the past month, from now on he will be known as the lawyer (just to keep things simple, you see).

So why the personal note? Because I notice that every time I go out on something even close to date territory, I realize that I only have three types of items in my closet.

Fashiony, man-repelling clothes that I enjoy immensely. Usually menswear, librarian, or office inspired. These are the clothes I'm in 90% of the time and therefore make up 90% of my closet.

Slightly trashy, I'm out clubbing with my girls clothes. You know you own them too.

Clothes that don't leave the house. Yoga pants, little boys boxers, and that college tee.

So now that I'm going on my fourth (!?)* date I'm afraid I'm panicking slightly.
What do I wear that looks half-way respectable, sexy, and cute? Something soft, touchable, that shows a little more skin than my usual. You know, that I just naturally roll out of bed looking this awesome, I'm sexy without even trying look.

And did I mention that the state of my underwear drawer is revolting? Yeah, it's pretty much all gym undies in there ladies.

But let's look on the positive side: so far the lawyer's sweet, charming, and tall**.   And we both have the same dry sense of humor which always helps ; ) So here's hoping that this one works out.

But here's a few things that I want to add to my closet for future dates:


* Yeah, I haven't had to deal with third or fourth date drama for about seven months now. Just recycle those two same outfits for dates over and over and over and over...
** You don't understand how hard it is to find a guy that is taller than me when I'm 5' 9" and I want to wear my 3" heels when we go out, and of course my petite girlfriends are like "What? What's the problem?" with their 6'10" bfs. Gah.


Bettina said...

Good luck, and I like the items you chose.

I think the comment about the petite friends is hilarious!

Erin said...

Thanks, I feel like I'm going to need it :)


i understand, i'm 5'10"...
there are so many cool 4-5"heelers, how about 3"...??
btw you should get leather pants pronto!:)