Gap is Going Minimal

Gap, I'm very impressed.

You had a moment there where you had me worried.
I mean, you're basically my childhood store, you're where I used to go school shopping every September with my mom. I still own a pair of jeans from you circa 2002 (and hell yes I still wear them).

Then you tried to be J. Crew or something. But let's get real here Gap, not everything needs to be covered in sequins, ruffles, and random bits of tulle. Bad design can't hide behind flash and knick knacks.

So to say that I'm relieved that you're embracing minimalism is an understatement. I'm closer to ecstatic. While the whole new design collection hasn't dropped yet, there are a few promising jewels in the rough this season.

That racerback tank and ponte knit dress? Be still my heart.

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Lara said...

I really like it. I remember back in '07 when Gap had those really pretty camel-colored wide legs that were so popular. It was also very simple.