Just got a new credit card (Intended for buying textbooks. I'm serious.)
However, you know how life is.
Got the textbooks
Went out Friday night and my heel broke on my favorite patent-leather freak-um shoes. Needed emergency shoe shopping to replace. They're super hot though. ; )
Roomies decided a microwave was DEFINITELY necessary for room. Stopped by BBB.
Ran out of Korres foundation. Emergency stop over at Sephora.
And just checked my balance and I made this face.
I now understand why people get into trouble with these things. It's going to be taking a little break, tucked away in my sock drawer for a while.

Anyway, here's a peek in my inspiration folder in the mean time. School's starting in just a few days for me, I can't believe it!

back to school

Thinking about wearing this outfit for my first days of classes.
Hey, it's important to make a good first impression!

I have to say that I always laugh a little seeing all the freshman move in, the dorm was an absolute zoo. SOOO many helicopter moms.
When I moved in it took maybe two trips.
An extra one because I'm storing some stuff for a girlfriend from Japan.

These kids, they look like they're moving in for a family of five!
Although I shouldn't talk, I moved in my girlfriend last wednesday, and we were moving stuff from noon to 8:30 at night.
So. Much. Stuff.

I believe the photo is from the Sartorialist. If it is yours please just let me know and I will credit it.

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