Bra's Little Sister

I've already documented how much underwear does not interest me.

But I'm taking baby steps. I've started trading in my Fruit of the Loom underwear packs for some cute lacy things, which has been helping. Makes me feel very French to see all that lace in my underwear drawer.

Bras are a whole different issue though.
I have an AA cup.
Always have, probably always will. Strangers like to comment how a boob job would elevate my appearance. I was crowned queen of the itty bitty titty committee in High School. My girlfriends are continually trying to get me to wear those super-max-extreme push up bras they sell at VS.

Not happening girls.

I'm morally against push-up bras, I consider it false advertising.
Contrary to what magazines tell me, that curves are all the rage, I actually like my aerodynamic appearance.
If it weren't for the nipple issue and being afraid of getting saggy boobs I'd probably go braless.
So I found it irritating that I had to wear padded, underwire bras (according to good old mum) so no one could tell if I was cold.

Now I've finally gotten to the point that I just don't care.
I tried on a Hanky Panky bralette at Bloomingdales, and I fell in love.
THIS was the bra for me.
Felt like a sports bra, kept everything in place so I don't get saggy boobs (pecs?), but didn't do much else. Bring on the office AC and cute boys.
I'm 20 years old and if you can't handle the sight of a nipple I suggest you take a minute and grow up.

Thinking about adding these to my lingerie drawer, of course Hanky Panky makes the best ones (don't they always?) but Free People and Cosabella are close runners up. Aerie usually had some cute ones too a couple months back.

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