I Feel....

Hey guys, I'm back and somehow survived. I'd like to thank the copious amounts of crack and coffee.
I would like to NOT thank the sexy grad student down the hall.
Anyway, first up I need to share this awesome website that I first saw on Already Pretty (thanks Sal!). I will admit to playing around on this for a little while, and it might be on par with my other favorite website, Feed the Head. *
It's called We Feel Fine and it searches phrases all over the web that involve the phrase "I feel..." and then it copies them up to the period. Click on any of the colored dots and you can see whatever "I feel..." phrase has just been created. I feel like this is the modern version of the collective unconciousness, and it's a fascinating look into our society and to see the patterns in our collective thoughts.

* Feed the Head might be the greatest time waster EVER. It's a game with no rules and no way to win, but for some reason it just kind of makes sense to me and I enjoy the twisted logic to it. However, my mathematically inclined sister and all of her math geek friends were driven to insanity trying to "win" it. Claire, relax. You can't win so just enjoy it.

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