Hey guys,
I’m writing an article about the relationship between the fashion scene and fashion bloggers for my college newspaper, and I would love to get some quotes of an actual fashion blogger’s opinions (or even just readers opinions!).

If anyone would like to participate, just fill out as many of the questions below as you'd like, or even just voice an opinion and email it back to me at erindepew@verizon.net

Why did you start a blog?

Why do you think that “new media” (blogs, websites, twitter ect.) have gained such popularity over the past few years?

Do you think your blog influences the fashion community? What do you think is the extent of a fashion bloggers influence?

Do you think fashion blogs have replaced fashion magazines and why?

Where do you see fashion media and fashion bloggers in 10 years?
And just a little personal info:
First name:
State (or country):

Blog URL:

thanks guys!

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