Art and Stuff

As promised, here's my final project for art. It looks so deep and well thought out doesn't it? Trust me, it's very symbolic of my inner soul : P

 Or it basically screams, COMIC GEEK! So yeah, it definitely is a self-portrait, and when I was presenting it to my class my teacher asked,
"So who were you influenced by?"
"Um, the Sin City graphic novels, and Zak Smith."
"The porn star?"
"No... well yes. But he's also an artist."
"Hmmm... I see."
But it's okay, because I just found out this morning I got an A for the class, even with my porn star influences :)

And here's a little charcoal doodle I've been working on instead of studying for my last final. I'm such an awful procrastinator, but I'm loving the way this is turning out.
I'm at the stage now where I'm deciding whether enough is enough and I should leave it as is, or touch it up more and go more detailed. I kind of like it a little blurry though.

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