So I just booked my tickets today for my little vacation down south. Soooo excited.
While I'm no rookie to travel (having family in 25 states will do that to you) I'm going to attempt to do the impossible and not have to check any baggage for a five day trip.
I figure that it'll be easier because
a) shorts roll up a whole hell of a lot smaller than a winter coat.
b) I'll be in my VS bikini and a sarong most of the time anyway.

But for those few times that I will peel myself off the beach and the pool (did I mention the house has a pool? YES) I'm going to have to look presentable for everything from going out to dinner to boat rides to biking.
I'm thinking about just packing this little set, and I feel like I'll have just about everything covered.

vacationFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Now I have to get back to work to fix my bank account that Airtran airways just ransacked :( *sigh* so it goes.

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