Selling on Ebay

Everyone knows how to buy on Ebay. It's pretty simple although I like to think I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I might share later.

Check measurements.
Check seller's ratings.
Only bid what you're willing to pay.

However, if you're stuck with unwanted Christmas gifts, a bunch of clothes from a recent purge or just need a little extra cash, this is also a great resource to guilt-free dump your stuff.
The way I figure it is that if no one buys it on Ebay, it must be so useless that it's fine to just throw it in the trash : ) conscious absolved.

So first create an account if you don't already have one on Ebay and on Paypal (it's the preferred method of payment, and it just makes things very hassle-free), then simply go to Sell, and follow the prompts.

Tips on Selling

Take good pictures. If you have a mannequin, that's fantastic. If you have yourself, that works too. At the very least, hang it on a hanger (I'm assuming we're selling clothing). Make sure that the picture is in good light and that you can see the details. People are very unlikely to bid on a black, formless blob that you promise is a dress.

Sell to move. Yes, it might have sentimental value. Yes, it might have a designer label. But let's face it, it's probably been used. It's also selling on Ebay. So price it as low as you're willing to part with, preferably single digits. If it's actually worth more people will bid up the price.

Skim a little. This is probably one of my more skeevier tricks (sorry Ebay) and they have been taking steps to curb it. But when you are shipping, try and use flat rate envelopes, which just makes things simpler. Then add a few dollars onto the shipping price. Ebay will skim  a bit of profit off the top, but they don't count what it costs you to ship in the final price, so you get to save a few cents and probably attract more buyers with a lower starting price.

Be descriptive. Describe EVERYTHING. There's nothing more annoying as a buyer to just have a listing that says "Banana Republic top. XS." I can't touch it, I can't try it on, and I usually can't see the details or the back so please describe everything to me and include measurements.

Cover your butt. Always tack onto the end of a listing whether you are willing to ship outside the country or accept returns.

Customer Service

Of course, every once in a while you get the irritating people who are impossible to please.

I had one recently who complained that a  bag I sold her reeked so badly she needed to double bag it and throw it away. Fortunately, I had been storing it on my closet shelf for the past month so I could guarantee her that there must be something wrong with her nose. No refund for you!

But please assume that in general, the buyers are just there to have an easy, pleasant transaction and buy something for a bargain.

So as a seller it's important to:
Answer questions within a reasonable amount of time.
Ship promptly.
Be honest.

And always, always, check the condition of items before you sell them. Preferably wash them before you list them so if you do get a negative Nancy, you can assure her that she must be mistaken, you checked it before it shipped.

However, accidents do happen on both sides, and you can go to the seller help center in order to issue refunds, demand payment, combine shipping and a host of other things.

In general, Ebay has become very safe and a great environment to sell. They are very customer oriented and have set it up in an easy-to-use and intuitive way so it's very simple to start buying or selling.

I hope that my few tips have encouraged you guys to join the community, and as a seller for the past four years I like to think I have a bit of experience, so if you have any questions that I haven't covered, fire away!

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