Oh No She Didn't

I have the unfortunate dilemma that I came back to NYC two weeks before school started, so I'm home but nobody else is.
It gives me a lot of time to wander about the city though, so I'm fine with it.
After strolling downtown, almost falling face first into a pile of slush (those walking skills need a little bit of practice) and finding a bookstore to browse, I perused the fashion section for anything good as usual.

I came across Clinton Kelly's book Oh No She Didn't!: The top 100 style mistakes women make and how to  avoid them.
I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised. While the advice is a little DUH?! (it is for the stylishly challenged after all) the tone and the writing style make it worth a read. I actually was laughing out loud in the book store for most of it, and yes I did read it cover to cover.

The tone reminded me a lot of my gay and transexual friends advice to me.

On a random side-note, transexuals give the best fashion/makeup advice ever.
Except for that time one of them advised me to get a nose piercing or a tattoo because "that fresh off the farm look isn't doing anything for you".
But in general, what better person to give advice on how to appear attractive than a man, who dresses like a woman, but still is attracted to women? Makes more sense than a girlfriend giving advice on what a guy will like.
Of course, I tend to dress for myself, but they definitely know what's flattering and sexy and what isn't :)

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