New Things

I don't know about anyone else, but I always feel like the new year is a clean start. So I like to celebrate a little by getting a new haircut, usually something drastic.

So about 6 or 8 inches later, we have this.
I'm still trying to remember how to actually blow-dry my hair (man, haven't had to do that in a while) so I've come to terms with the fact that it's going to look a little crazy for the next few weeks.

Anyway, here's my outfit for today. Just heading down into the village, I'm going to learn the Argentina tango today, I mean, why not?

The thing I always forget about having short hair is

1. You actually have to do something with it every day.
2. People can see your face. Which means you also have to do something with that every day.
3. They always make my chin look a little mannish. I'm over it.

I'm just never satisfied. As soon as I have short hair, I wish it were long again. When it's long, I wish it were short.
C'est la vie.

On other notes, I rescued this bag from a family friend's attic. It had been lying under a window so the leather was ridiculously bleached and cracked, but it's such a beautiful Coach bag I figured I'd try and save it.
So after two hours of polishing and a can of shoe polish, it looks pretty gorgeous. Still a little aged, but more family heirloom than junk shop.

*Tip: when trying to rescue bleached or cracked leather, don't have it re-dyed because they strip everything (dye won't penetrate past the varnish/treatment on the leather). Instead, try some leather oil and shoe polish, because both soak past the varnish into the actual leather. Also it's a hell of a lot cheaper than having it dyed.

We also went through my dad's closets (yes, plural) this vacation. That man owns more clothes than any woman I've ever known. He's just such a pack rat. 
Anyway, I rescued this cardigan from him. It's a cardigan from when he went to school at Berkley, CA back in the 70's. 
It needs a bit of de-pilling, but still. I'm a little in love. All I need is a poodle skirt and some saddle shoes : P

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, I LOVE your hair - it looks incredible! Such a fabulous change for the New Year!! :)