Blouses NOT for Five-Year-Olds

The start date for my internship is looming on the horizon and I realized that I need corporate office-wear.

After tearing through my closet (well, that took about five seconds) I realized I own plenty of skirts, dresses.... a pair of corduroys, khakis, and black slacks.... but no work appropriate tops.

 I've never had a corporate office job, usually working instead in the service industry or teaching swim lessons.

So I have plenty of tees, camis, going-out tops, and a few trusty button downs. GAH.

Of course, I turn to the internet as usual, and this is pretty standard of what I find.

Barf. Ruffles, florals, bows, paisley blousiness galore. Can I get a hello from the head of the PTA committee?

Is it impossible to find something simple, clean, made of good materials with an interesting design twist and, oh yeah, under $100?
I feel like all these designers take a perfectly good top and decide that what it really needs are all the trimmings swept up from the cutting floor thrown at it.

So the hunt continues for two decent work tops that I can also wear outside of work and don't make me look like I'm five or a soccer mom.

I will keep you updated.

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