Vivian Maier

I just wanted to share this amazing story (and amazing photos) with you all.
Vivian Maier was a nanny by day and in her off hours was a street photographer from 1950's - 1990's. No one had known of her work, until it was discovered recently in an Estate sale in Chicago.
They uncovered 100,000 negatives, thousands of prints, and a ridiculous amount of undeveloped film.

John Maloof  bought the photographs and negatives and is now undertaking the process of developing all of the film and archiving it, and sharing what he finds on his blog.

The images are simply stunning for an amateur photographer.

For the blog and the rest of her discovered work, click here.


THE CHEAP said...

I love the last photo. Very inspiring :)


Elizabeth said...

I think these types of stories are so fascinating.