Body Chain Debate ft. Emma Roberts

What's all the fuss?
For some god-knows reason everyone's in a tizzy about Emma Roberts wearing a body chain. My favorite is Lovelyish doesn't even know what to call the damn thing (kinda like they didn't know to put my name on my articles that they syndicated. Hint, you call that ERIN. But I'm not irritated about it or anything).
So here's the picture that has everyone saying "OMG what is she wearing?!"

Yeah, I didn't see the big deal either.
Actually, I think it looks great. That's how I'd wear it.

Also the Queen's at The Kingdom of Style and Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere have been rocking the body chain for a year or so now.

And I believed that I mentioned how much I loved the look (but really can't justify buying one) back in 2009 in this post here.

Anyway, a big YAY to Ms. Roberts for trying something a little different, and a big YAY for personal style. The world would be so boring without it.

P.S. If you want to try out the trend yourself for cheap, check these out:

Shoulder Chain by Nassarius $28

Body Harness by People's Couture $29

My favorite ever is still this one by Peace Images though....

Body Chains vol 4 $42


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