Bodega Kitties

As anyone who has lived in NYC knows, rats are a HUGE problem. That and monstrous cockroaches.*

So most bodega owners keep a cat around, because as anyone knows, a cat is better than all the exterminators and poisons that money can buy.
Besides, look at the cuteness!
It makes me miss my own two fat tabbies that I left back in Boston so much....
Although, the only things that my cats hunt are bumblebees and shoelaces.

For the article I found on how health inspectors are trying to outlaw cats in bodegas, check it out here. Personally I think it's silly, I think it's much healthier to have a cat than to be spraying poison around food.

*Don't even get me started on the time I had to hunt down three of them that were living in our apartment. Ewww. Those things will not die.

Photos thanks to Buzzfeed


M said...

I'm originally from Brooklyn and our house always had rats. Luckily down here in Florida we have cats and snakes all around us;)The last pic is just adorable!

Erin said...

I'll take cats and snakes over rats any day, and the last picture is my favorite too. Oh to be a cat...