Strange Trends

 Can we talk about two strange trends that I've seen surfacing for spring?
I'm all for fringe trends, I always find them more fascinating than the usual "Hem lines are up! Hem lines are down! Its a season about _____ insert: boobs, waist, legs"

Fringe trends never seem to be about figure flattery or sex appeal, which can be refreshing.


Possibly the least big-foot friendly shoe created. Ever.*
Yet there's something very appealing about the look of these, they make me think of geishas.

High-street designers take note: I'd like a pair like these from Opening Ceremony, aka the altar of cool.

Feather Hair Extensions

These just might be for a style that's more boho than mine. My room-mate who looks like she walked out of a Wildfox Couture catalogue would rock these hard (I'm dropping hints for her to get some ; ) )
However, still very intrigued. I wonder how they would look after a week of washing and blow-drying?

Anyway, I'll keep you guys updated if I see any other interesting fringe trends.

* Except maybe creepers. Those I won't touch with a ten foot pole, my feet are big enough already.

Photos thanks to Style.com and Refinery 29

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