Lust. Want. Need.

Man, I seem whiny this week. Let's cure that shall we? Because I do have some things that I'm enjoying.
Such as copious amounts of free time.
Ridiculously good sales.
And Mint* yelling at me that I've gone over my shopping budget this month.
See above ridiculously good sales...

In some parallel universe this MUST count as a work appropriate top. Right? RIGHT?

Too cute. I have way too many button-down shirts but I feel like this one would fit in just fine with my collection.

Again, I think I need some shopping focus. The last thing I need is another pair of party shoes, even if they are deliciously 40% off. 

* For a New Year's resolution I signed up for Mint.com to see if I could try and budget a little better. Unfortunately, my complaint is that the system is a bit rigid and/or geared towards someone with a much larger income. 
But so far all of the daily warnings of how much I'm over budget have been helping : ) All of the visual pie graphs are great too and worth signing up for just to see where all my money goes (hint: it's in the shopping and entertainment category)

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