Things for Spring (and now too)

I'm starting to compile a "things I would like to find in my closet this spring" list.
Great thing is that a lot of them are already in stores (and already on sale what?!).
Not-so-great thing is that it's still freezing and snowing up in here for the next few months.

And since I never quite got down that whole patience thing, I want to wear my purchases right now!

So here's my spring wish-list, and how I'd wear it now (left) and later (right)

Floaty Maxi-skirt
I love, love maxi skirts. It's taken me a little while for my eye to adjust to the silhouette, but I've decided that it's love. Now if I could only find one long enough to purchase because I hate when they end around your ankles instead of skimming the ground : (


Brown Suede Boots
So I want a pair of suede booties for spring. Brown, soft suede, with laces, a little heel but not too high, and a little western inspired, but no cowboy boots please.
And did I mention these are on sale for $19.99?


High-waist Denim Skirt
I love the girl-next-door vibe of a denim mini skirt but, as I've mentioned, my body does not like a low skirt. Instead, I'd love to track down a flippy little high-waisted a-line denim mini. Much better.


Chambray Shirt
This one is more a classic. I had a great one by Tommy Hilfiger last summer, but due to an unfortunate bleach incident, it had to retire. So I'm on the hunt for a new one this year.

Chambray Shirt

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