Tea Skirts

I've been eyeing this new hem length on the runways, from Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, and deciding whether it looks fresh or matronly.

I've finally decided that it's a refreshing change from the barely-there mini skirts that we've been seeing in the past. I love my legs, they're my favorite part, but it wouldn't kill me to put them away for a season or two (or at least once in a while).

Here's one of my favorite outfits from Fendi. It's still young and edgy looking even with the hem length and conservative style, which can veer into dowdy or 1950's period costume.

Here's my interpretation of the look, with everything under $200 (of course).

Although, you probably own most of the items in your closet already. I know that I'm just missing the Longchamp bag and a tea-length skirt. As for the very loose interpretation of the purse, I detest logo splattered pieces of clothing. 

Of course, it's personal taste, but I feel that it's too flashy and "new money".
Because remember, "new money screams, but old money whispers". 

Luxury isn't about labels, but about fit, fabric and style. A little logo here or there isn't bad, like the little one stamped into the leather by Longchamp, but I don't want your logo emblazoned across my chest. If you're going to do that, you might as well pay me to be your walking billboard.



Damsels said...

i dont know if tea length would work out on me .. of course theres only one way to find out . i'll try out some skirts in the fitting rooms .. but i fear im far too short.

Erin said...

absolutely, I'll see you there ;)

DREAMY said...

I like your choices. I'd wear it. Very chic.