Faux Shopping

I know guys, I realize I'm still on ban. But a girl can look around right?

These cuties from DSW.com popped up in my mailbox this morning. They're now marked down to $49.95. To be honest, as much as I love my sky scraping stripper heels (a love that for some reason guys don't share. Maybe its because I'm 6'3" when I wear them?) I'm a college girl and I'm devoted to my flats, and with the amount of walking I do I really can't have too many of them. Besides, I'm a sucker for pink and ruffles so the one on the right is calling my name.

After helping Becky sort out and clean up the Costume Shop yesterday, I've got back seam on the brain. Perhaps it's because I spent an hour detangling fishnets and period stockings into separate boxes? Perhaps. But anyway, there's no better way to channel a 50's pin up girl's coquettish charm than a pair of back seam black stockings. NOT FISHNETS MIND YOU, plain stockings. Fish nets is pushing it a little too far. Just remember to pair these with something modern or else you will look like you're dressing in period costume, not channeling vintage style.
And last but not least, my favorite item of the day from none other than Martin Margiela....

The grown up fashionista reliving her younger years of sticking Christmas present bows on her forehead. It still makes me smile.

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