Call Me Schizo

I don't know why, some days I feel like a princess, other times I feel like a punk. I have my leather skirt nestled in with my prep-school blazer next to my pink sheath dress next to my studded belt next to my sun hat with a bow.

I go through phases where all I want to do is mess up my hair, wear my black eyeliner and throw on my boy's blazer with my leather gloves.

Other times I want to wear my kitten heels and my 50's style tea dress and my pearls.

Most of the time I find it more efficient just to mix the two .

But right now I'm in my "rough and tough" phase as I fondly call it, and I'm loving these booties at one of my favorite stores, Need Supply Co. I think they and one of my pink tea-party dresses would be very good friends.

Wander by Dolce Vita

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