I honestly cannot believe this.
I was all excited for Fashion's Night Out, being able to see all my favorite designers and go to a giant fashion party (aka the entire CITY), but instead I will be working. Because the festivities go from 6 pm to 11 pm. I am working from 6 pm until midnight.
And you want to know WHY I'm not having this covered? because it's my second shift, and this is a great job that I don't want to be fired from, and I realize that I can't be asking to have my shifts shifted around the first week that I'm working someplace new. That's just not polite and doesn't reflect well on me.
I definitely thought about it, I got all the way to calling the bartender for numbers to call to find someone to cover my shift and she told me exactly what I was thinking "It's probably not a good idea to be doing this for your second shift" and I realized she was right.
Sometimes I hate having a good work ethic.
There better be some MAJOR karma in this for me, somewhere.
Although, not going to Fashion's Night Out will probably be good for my bank account. So that's a plus. Right? RIGHT???

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