After a fierce rampage through first completely out of my price range jackets, to semi-in my price range jackets, I found this:

Behold, a real leather, motorcycle jacket from Piperlime (shipping's free!). Its $375 so that means its quite the investment piece, but hey, its less than the down payment on the Theory jacket! That's good right? RIGHT???

Point being, real leather I've found does not come cheap. But, as my beloved pleather jacket will tell you, plastic does not wear as well as leather. Therefore, its cost per wear really. A second pleather jacket will last a year or two (mine is going on three), leather will last FOREVER and will look fabulous as it ages.

So here's my argument to myself.

I've already proven that a leather jacket is a staple in my wardrobe, just see how much love my pleather one has gotten, therefore this jacket will get a lot of wear.

Its better to invest in pieces, rather than spend more money replacing cheapies of quality basics.

This is a classic leather jacket with clean lines and not too much hardware, therefore is timeless and will not go quickly out of style. It might not be as hot as it is this year, but it will still not go out of style.

I've got a bank new job, and I should be able to pay for this jacket in two months.


I'm going to go sleep on this. Feel free to chime in because I can't seem to make up my mind on this one.

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