Sorry I've been absent for a few days, because I have a bit of a surprise! For me.

Well, maybe for you too.

I've joined up with my school's newspaper, and I'm writing a fashion column for them! I had expected to just join with a fashion section, perhaps help some of the other writers (since the newspaper is a journalism class for journalism majors. Serious stuff guys), but no, little old me is creating her own mini-section!
So after beating out the details over the past couple days and finally writing my first article (it now needs to be sent in for revision, and I'm still waiting on the photography team... come on guys! I'm ready to gooooo!) I should be seeing my name in print! I'm so excited!

anyway, what's this mean for you?
This means that biweekly, you get an actual post from me instead of just rambling musings, because I'll be re-printing it here once I get it back from the editor. Okay, so maybe that wasn't such a great surprise for you guys, but I'm still excited!

photo by zemotion

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