Leather Three Ways

leather skirt
leather skirt by erind90 featuring Vila

Now that my lovely leather skirt is on its way, I can finally try out its versatility! (yes, a leather skirt is versatile. If it isn't I suppose its not too much of a loss considering Apostrophe is a Sears brand, and I paid about ten dollars total for it) But check it out!

For lounging about: comfy leggings and t-shirt with a big cuddly angora wrap. Its all in dark colors so it tones everything down, plus all of the soft takes away some of the skirts edge.

For going out: Feminine details and colors keep this from being too rocker chick, but the patent leather booties and studded bag reference the skirt and keep it from looking too out of place.

For work: Okay, I'll admit this is a bit of a stretch, you'd certainly have to be working in a pretty casual environment. But you could definitely wear this out as well, I see myself wearing it to an art opening or some such. You have your preppy basics: black blazer, white button down. Then you throw in the fuchsia tights (BAM!) and the bow wedges to keep everything from being to sombre and corporate.

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