Fashion Week II

Ruffian Spring 2010
How cheeky is this trench coat?
Here we go, strong shoulders, although I like this more feminine take on the trend.

Just divine. Although I might wear a slip underneath personally.

Very fun. I actually think I own this outfit already....

This is a look I love. Very chic, very classic. Almost reminds me of Chanel a little.

Another darling trench

I love the texture of the jacket and the pattern on the dress.

Fabulous pattern, and outrageous skirt.

Again, this is an incredibly wearable line. I would instantly order one of each and they would fit perfectly into my wadrobe.

key things: cropped boxy jacket with full skirt, crazy patterns and color, black and white, texture

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Sarah Von said...

Wow - I love the lining on that coat!