Infinitely Cuddly

So I was browsing about on Etsy, looking for a big woolly scarf for the winter (it gets wicked cold here, even if I'm not in New England anymore. A scarf is a necessity!) and while I could with a lot of time and patience knit my own, I don't think I could do this:

This darlings is the "Samantha" scrolling infinity scarf by Smitten Kitten Originals on Etsy. She also comes in charcoal and a red. Samantha is also just like the math symbol she's named after, and is made with a triple twist in the design to help her drape elegantly no matter how you choose to wear her, whether as a hood, scarf, or wrap.

How cozy does it look? As soon as I saw it I

a) thought of the Missoni F/W RTW 09 show

b) wanted it

not necessarily in that order.

See? Doesn't that girl look all cuddly and cozy and ready to brave a North Eastern winter? I think so.

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