This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing DJ Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, perform. I'd actually never listened to any of his... music (I suppose that's what you would call it) before. It was certainly an experience, and quite like nothing else I've heard before.
I had a great time, dressed up in the crazy eighties (there was a copious amount of gold lame, neon, scrunchies and glow sticks. I felt like I was in a hyped up AA ad) and dancing in a crowded mash.
Check out the eightiness!
(of course I missed the memo, but somehow through the collective consciousness I got the gist.) The dashing man in the white jacket is my friend Matt, uber fabulous, only to be outdone by the red-head who is my friend Erin (I know, its crazy). Erin is probably one of the most fashionable people I know, and she was completely rocking the highlighter pink lipstick and gold Kanye hipster glasses that night. The dark hair girl is Kristen, who is just a whole lot of fun and was channeling the hippy-meets-eighties look.
The only downer was the TWO AND A HALF HOUR OPENING BAND. That is just wrong and I am disappointed. If you don't want to start the concert until ten, then don't. You know who you are.
But anyway, DJ Greg Gillis makes music by pulling tracks from over 300 artists then blending and layering them. He is ahead of his time musically and as one reviewer writes, he's "10,000 lawsuits waiting to happen". My friend of course argues that Supermatch Brothers is an equally excellent mash up DJ, but since I haven't seen him in concert I can't debate the point.

I also went out with the girls and saw "The September Issue". Fabulous. I highly recommend the movie, which was not only done with a sense of humor but was very thorough and entertaining.

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