Fashion Week I

Darlings! It's that time of year again! It's fashion week, where we see what we are going to obsess about for the next six months (Thigh high boots? Pfffft. Already done. What's next?). Unfortunately, I'm not at the runway shows like some very lucky bloggers out there, but the Internet (specifically youtube) is a wonderful thing. So I'll be bringing you for the next week or so, in no particular order of city or country, the runways that have caught my eye and what I am loving about them and noting down. (yes I keep a fashion notebook. Doesn't everybody?)

Today, from New York, I'm loving Parabal Gurung. The designer at Bill Blass has finally launched his own namesake line, and I am loving it!
This is probably my favorite. I would wear this entire outfit in a heartbeat.
Beautiful suit, it smacks a little of Miami vice, but its still beautiful. The bow doesn't hurt either, although right off the hanger it might be a bit much for the average person.

Please, just look at the draping on the dress on the right! Mon dieu! I'm also loving the striking blue that he had contrasting all of the white and black in his collection.

More bows... love.

How sweet is this idea? It certainly wouldn't be a hard diy to do if you own a pair of trousers... I don't own a pair of trousers however. For some reason that's one thing that never seems to make it onto my list.

Love those shoes. I'll be keeping an eye out for look alikes come spring.

And last but not least... This dress is just gorgeous. I hope some celebrity picks it up for the red carpet.

Key things: Cobalt blue with a lot of cream and black, BOWS (yay!), silky androgyny or lady like dresses, and minimalistic sandals.

As you can see my tastes certainly don't lean toward the Alexander Wang aesthetic that's prominent now (I'm afraid I'm much more of a girly girl) and while I appreciate the purely artistic (anyone see Alexander Mcqueen's F/W 09?) I like something that I can take to my own style and clothing.

But you know what? I'm going to post the shows that I like, it is my blog after all, so you will be seeing a lot of wearable and a lot of ladylike whimsy for the next week or so. However, for coverage of the grungier side of fashion, please check out http://www.knighttcat.com/.

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