Furthering the Obsession

My name is Erin, and I'm a leather-holic. It all started inconspicuously enough, me bidding on my leather skirt, and its not like that was a problem or anything. But now that I have been thinking of all the ways my (soon to be mine) dear leather skirt will toughen up all of my ruffles and pinks in my closet, I want others to join it. For certainly my tough little skirt will be lonely in my closet by itself, it needs other tough little friends to lurk in the back of my closet with.
So then I started thinking about investing in a new leather jacket, since my old one is technically a) pleather
b) starting to wear out after all the love
c) a blazer, NOT a motorcycle jacket. big difference.
So I went to my local New York Look and fell in love with this beautiful "tame borie" Theory jacket, which the sales lady was leaning on me hard to buy or at least put on lay away ("Darling, you simply MUST have this jacket, if you can't afford it now, simply pay $400 worth of it and put it on layaway, then simply pay the rest of it later!" "lady, I would, but I can really only afford a sleeve of this jacket. Actually maybe just from the elbow down of the sleeve")

And also this Anne Deulemeester military style jacket on ebayand the day birger et mikkelsenand this one from illiaand of course if I have a leather jacket and a leather skirt, it simply wouldn't do to be wearing my usual wool gloves now would it? So these leather gloves from Alexander Mcqueen would go perfectly....

or these ones from Miu Miu (extra points for studs!)

and in case I get tired of my leather skirt, how about these leather pants from Fendi? Is that a little too much? Okay, I get the hint. But really, this is starting to be a problem.

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