Those Days

Yesterday was just one of those days. Blondie always teases me that I'm the luckiest person he knows, and by that he means I either have very, very good luck, or very, very bad luck. Yesterday resembled a crazy rollercoaster of karma... or something.
The final tally:

I got a lovely package deal at a spa, and for $60 I receive: a haircut, deep conditioning, blowdry/style, facial, mani, pedi, massage, and my eyebrows done. Not bad. Expect to see a review here in a little while for the salon, as there are mixed reviews on yelp.com for this place.

I got my motorcycle jacket!!!

As soon as I got back to my apartment, I got an email first from one of my teachers saying I hadn't taken the prerequisite for the class. BUT I don't have to rearrange my schedule to take the class, EXCEPT that I miss the labs, because I can't possibly fit those in, and oh yeah, I need to go buy the $200 book. BUT he'll help me catch up and do the labwork. So.... yay? I think?

and my lovely art teacher just sent me a list of art supplies THIS LOOONNGGG. I'm kind of wishing I hadn't spent the money I saved up now. Of course I wasn't expecting this!!

and then I got a reply from my teacher, and in my email where I thanked him for his help, he put a note on the bottom that said "not to be picky, but I prefer Prof. or even Dr. not Mr. and my name is spelled wrong. Refer to my email." hmmm .... my only excuse was that it was late, and I was panicked, and COME ON.

So I think the weather has died down a bit. Aren't things crazy? And oh, the picture? I just like it, and I'm going to go take a cue from her and roll myself up in my fluffy comforters with a cup of tea and read my book.

* Edit* I got my motorcycle jacket in the mail today, and it was a size too big. :( I going to return it, but the quality was impeccable, the leather butter soft... I've seen real leather and I can't go back to pleather anymore. I'll keeping my eyes open for another one, perhaps I'll find one during the January/February clean up?

photo by Tim Walker for Vogue, via Fashion Gone Rogue

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