I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day.
As a lovely surprise Blondie was able to come up for the weekend  because his ship was re-purposed for relief to Haiti (fyi he works as an engineer on merchant ships). So I basically got a phone call last week that went something like this:
"Guess what? My ship got re-purposed, I'm coming to visit for Valentine's Day!"
"YAY!!! When are you coming up?"
"As soon as I can hitch a ride back up to the North East."
"Where are you now?"
"Um... on a beach, next to a palm tree. In Florida I think."
Let us never say that the captain's do not take care of their own. At least they dropped him off in the U.S.

Also I wrote a post on all the trends you ladies will be wanting to keep an eye out for this spring here.

And on a side note apparently I'll be doing some style scouting here on campus. Since the photography department is hesitant about lending me a camera (perhaps they heard what I did to my last one?) it seems I'll be biting the bullet and getting a new one soon.

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