Love Sick

You ever have a song that just kind of just strikes right at the situation where you are right now? I honestly think that good art does that.

Whether it's music, painting, sculpture, or even fashion, when it creates a visceral reaction and unearths layers of the every day, that makes it fantastic.

Of course, that's all personal taste and what's going on in your life. While I've often times had my breath taken away by a stunning sculpture or a beautiful opera, sometimes more current pop-culture things can also strike a chord.

Te Amo by Rihanna

So long story short I was walking down 6th ave and someone was playing this song in their car, and it was creepy because I was just thinking about a social situation that's been preoccupying me for a while now.
And just like that this song just kind of encapsulated exactly how I felt about the situation.

Melodramatic aren't I?

*Sigh*. Love drives me crazy sometimes. It's such a force and makes people do crazy and stupid things in the name of love. If our culture hadn't romanticized it so much sometimes I think we would have already categorized love as an actual disease.
So what do you do for someone who is in love with the wrong person? What can you do?

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