Fill It In

So after the clean out, a trip to the tailors, and a drop off at Buffalo Exchange, I'm realizing a few gaping holes in my wardrobe.
The most important thing to take note of are the things that are literally falling apart, which either means I need to
a) upgrade
b) get more because I'm obviously loving them to death.

List of Things my Closet Actually Needs (aka remorse free shopping) 

ballet flats
pencil or full aline skirts (high-waisted, of course)
a pair of slim jeans
a pair of slim chinos
T-shirt and shirt dresses
white blouses/button downs
black opaque tights/leggings
interesting/chunky jewelery
anything leather

So I'm saying perhaps I took a peek on Ebay after I got my paycheck, and perhaps I picked up a few basics that were lacking in my wardrobe.

Basic black t-shirt dress and button down, nothing special except that my old ones were pilling and falling apart. Time for an upgrade.
Banana Republic t-shirt dress: $19.99
Gap black button down: $2.99

These however are a bit more fun. I somehow managed to gather a bunch of very eclectic skirts, which now because of the bright colors and crazy patterns just really don't fit. So off to the Exchange they went. These are some nice basic with a twist ones to set me off on the right path.

This is hands down my favorite. It almost feels like a worn in, thin suede with a nice quilted pattern. Very stretchy and body con, it's pretty sexy if I do say so myself.
Ralph Lauren pencil skirt: $19.99

This one is just cute and flirty, also with a slight corduroy texture and beautiful creamy color.
Gap skirt: $8.00

I also got a chambray shirt, but it was faded on one side. So annoying when you get a dud, but I figure you just one of the risks of Ebay.

Anyway, I think I'm off on the right track again. Don't you just love it when you have a functional closet?

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