The Party Don't Stop

Okay for all you single ladies out there (or even hooked ladies like me who just have a HUGE girl crush on Ke$ha, or just like to party) I have the most awesome thing every to do on Valentine's weekend.
yes, like AWESOME.

Special Valentine's Day edition of Circus Saturdays at Webster Hall and guess who's the headliner?
None other than my girl crush Ke$ha.
We're talking four floors of craziness: fire breathers, snake charmers, sexual oddities and other awesomeness. Oh yeah, and a concert. Natch.
It's $15 if you pre-order tickets, and I've already gotten two, one for me and one for Blondie (shhh... don't tell him. I just said it was a concert).
So if you're looking for me Saturday night, I'll be partying at Webster's till 4 am. 

Tik Tok by Ke$ha

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