Get Your Nails Did

Manicures and pedicures are something I put under "splurge". But sometimes they are just called for. Today my feet were killing me from standing for 8 hours at work, my cuticles were out of control (yes... I might've been picking them), and I just felt like a disgusting beast monster.

Yeah. it was that bad.

So I dropped by Bijou nails (417 W. 58th street) which my girlfriends had been raving about, and here's my review. It's pretty bare bones compared to the real ritzy spas, but compared to the ones that I'd been to at the same price point ($9 manicure, $23 pedicure) it was pretty luxe.

They were quick and clean, which is very important to me, and they even gave me a back massage while my nails were drying. Awesome.
They also add on little things, like I had my feet "grated" and had a paraffin wax treatment. Yes, it was as glamorous as it sounds, but if you'd seen my callouses from wearing heels it was required, and my feet are baby soft now.

However, they have a weird "tax" which I've never heard of that gets added onto the bill.
Brochure prices
$9 mani
$23 pedi
$5 "grating"

and that somehow added up to $40 for my bill, which when I asked about it they just said "Oh, that's the tax". I was a little confused, but considering the place I usually go it's $35 for a similar pedicure, I decided it definitely wasn't worth the argument.

So overall this place gets a big thumbs up from me (I will be heading back in a month or two when I become a disgusting beast again) just watch out for that hidden "tax".

photo thanks to Library of Congress

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