I Promise I'm Not Weird....

Okay, I swear I'm not the only person who does this. If you have a big event don't you plan your outfit out in advance? Even a little?

Normally I don't (or at least not more than a day or two in advance) but I was bored in macro-economics today (please don't get me started on my teacher. I'm sure he's a genius, he just can't teach to save his life) so I started thinking about what I'm wearing to Webster's on Saturday.

I'm thinking something sleek with a little wild thrown in. My black bustier, leggings, corset belt and chain necklace. Throw in some killer leopard shoes I just snagged from Buffalo Exchange. Then orange lips, ala Prada.
I've been dying to try out a crazy fluorescent fuchsia or tangerine lipstick, and I think that there couldn't be a better time than Saturday.
Then I might just roll myself in glitter. Just because I'd like to.

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