So I'll try just about any trend once.
Neon? Did it.
Thigh high boots? Check (and yes, I do wear them to math class).
Cropped tops? Please don't remind me.
Fake lashes? Did that last weekend.

But for some reason I can't seem to wear a hat.

Of course it gets so cold here that I have a few knit caps that I wear to keep my head from freezing, and a sun hat during the summer to ward off skin cancer, but I haven't been able to really incorporate them if you know what I'm saying.

However, I promise that my hat phobia will be no more! After seeing so many cute bloggers rocking hats, I want to get in on this. So here's a few that I'm dying to try:

Maybe not all at once, but I think I'd try the cloche and trapper hats first to ease myself into this hat thing.

Are you like me and don't have the first clue about hats? Check out this super helpful guest post over at Already Pretty.

And while you're over there check out the rest of the blog, Sal is absolutely hilarious and incredibly insightful.

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