My friends have always told me certain things:

That I require a spotlight at all times,
but that I'm learning to share my stage

I can be Trouble with a capital T
but then I can also be very, very sweet

that I fall in love and call people out too quickly
but that I also forgive and forget too soon

That I have champagne tastes,
and sometimes forget that I'm on a beer budget

Lastly, that I have more luck than a person knows what to do with.
Good luck, bad luck.... it always seems to come in spades.

So while things have been down for a little while they are certainly starting to look up.
I figure eventually everything comes around again (take that as you will, depending what kind of day your having) so I'm certainly going to enjoy the wonderful things that are happening right now and not worry too much about the future.

picture from Numero 109, Caroline Trentini by Dusan Reljin

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