Genius Level

Being the brilliant little lady that I am, I came back to school two weeks early.
Yeah. That number is correct. As in 14 days early.
I must've been really excited.
Of course I just figured it out today when I was wandering around, thinking "Man, my classes MUST be starting soon. I wonder where everyone is? Why is the library the only thing that's open?"
"Ma'am. Classes don't start until the 19th."

Thank goodness I have a lot of commuter friends that live in the city otherwise things would get very lonely, very fast.
Also I've been spending some serious time in the library getting some reading done.

The Codex
Douglas Preston

Just your basic adventure novel. Man leaves his wealth in the jungle of the Amazon for his sons to find, sons kill each other off trying to get at it. Awesome.

Abundance, a novel of Marie Antoinette
Sena Jeter Naslund

I love Marie Antoinette, loved the movie, loved this book. Obviousily it's not as colorful as the movie, but it's still really good.

Desire: Where Sex Meets Addiction
Susan Cheever

So this one wasn't actually from the library, but from the desk of my Feminism in Literature Studies Major (I think) roommate. A woman takes an introspective look at why she's getting married for the third time. It involves other people's stories, scientists, ect. Fascinating.

Anyway, new plan. I'm drawing up a list of places in the city that I haven't been to yet and should go before I get busy with school.
And, oh yeah, I should probably get a job that pays.

Side note: You know what drives me crazy? Most of the retailers I've interviewed with (and obvs didn't get hired by) say the exact same thing
"You would be perfect for this job, in fact you exceed our expectations. But our company requires that you have worked X amount of time at a high end retail establishment."
So how am I supposed to get experience is no one will hire me??? God damn I hate this Catch-22 game.

So I'm off to try and get my foot in the door. Wish me luck on my interviews next week!

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