Hit the Wall

Guys, it's always hard to be on the other side of the lens. I've found that out after I switched from directing to a (brief. very brief) stint of acting, after working in my town's local television studio, and now as a writer.

I'm currently working on an article about cleaning out your closet, starting fresh, just starting over already.
And even now, as I'm sitting here looking at my wardrobe I just wish I could toss it all into a pile, douse it in gasoline, light the match, and go on the shopping spree of a lifetime.

and I just feel like I can't preach to the masses unless I'm willing to put it into practice myself.

So we're starting over people. Looking for inspiration. Drawing up a list. And perhaps making a great big trip to the Goodwill/Brooklyn Exchange.
Anyway, I thought this editorial would be a great place to start, and perhaps this song by Keyshia Cole:

Actually, these images kind of evoked this. After staring at them for a while I was wondering "why don't I look like that? I want to look like that."
Clean, crisp, but nonchalantly tossed together.
Pristine without being perfect.
Classic, minimalist.
Maybe more black and less white. I can't be trusted within ten feet of a white article of clothing.

But overall, loves.

Photos thanks to Marie Claire Italy, Mathilde Francon by David Bellemere

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